Are you ready to take charge of your career?



Are you ready to take charge of your career?




Imagine knowing exactly what you want in life and how to get it.

How would it feel to wake up every morning and jump out of bed excited about your life and the work you do?

You’re in a job where you get to be creative, solve problems and take the lead.

 You can prioritize your growth and needs without worrying about job security or a changing economy.

 You can be your authentic self at work (no more “code switching!”) because you’re in a work environment that values you.

 You have the tools and support to optimize your career, build healthy boundaries and land new opportunities anytime you want.

 Networking is easy because you have a system that takes less than 2 hours each month.

 You’re living a well-rounded and balanced life. And time after work is truly yours to do whatever you want to do.

 You light up when people ask "What do you do?"

How would that feel?

“Working with Joy changed my whole mindset. I felt unsure how to begin my job search and where to focus my time. I even felt unsure of what sort of jobs I wanted to pursue. I looked forward to coaching every week because it was such a positive and special experience for me. I felt more prepared and confident. I was able to take full advantage of both writing and teaching opportunities that together have doubled my income, freeing me to think about what sort of growth I'd like to seek from here. Joy's approach is engaging, supportive, and empowering. I enthusiastically recommend Joy to others who would like to make their job search or career development a more efficient and encouraging process. You might wish you'd worked with her sooner.”


“Incredible, inspiring, thought provoking, confidence-building. Joy helped me to define my personal mission and strength, and supported me through some really difficult conversations at work. I got a new job offer 2 weeks after our final call. If you are looking for a strategic advisor for your career, someone who can look at what you have accomplished, help you craft your mission and vision, and set you on your path to happiness in your career, Joy is who you need”


“I scored a job! I even negotiated a 76% increase from my last job. AND am getting relocation. And I negotiated a 10% increase from what they were offering with a review in 4-6 months to get a 10% raise. When it rains, it pours... even in a good way. I was interviewing for 3 positions at once, and was offered a side project as well. Thank you so much for everything! THANK YOU for telling me to not settle! It's magical and I feel so, so blessed.”



What’s included in Design Your Dream Career / Self-Study Access?

The curriculum is intentionally designed to clarify your goals and build a strategic plan.


3-month Access to the Design Your Dream Career Learning Library (with high-impact trainings, templates, and tools)

Access all of our high-impact training videos inside our private portal. Includes access to more than 45+ Videos, templates, examples, dashboards and “done for you” materials on everything from job search trackers, resume and LinkedIn templates, negotiation and interview scripts, and so much more.


Exclusive Access to Live Workshops

You will be invited to join our private members-only live trainings and workshops, where you will meet diverse professionals of all backgrounds, industries, and ages. 


Bonus Content and Curriculum

You will be getting access to all new curriculum as it is added and updated during. your membership. 


What’s included in Design Your Dream Career?

This program is intentionally designed to be a 6-month container, as it will allow us to clarify your career path, build a strategic plan for transition and growth, and execute the plan. This gives us enough time to explore your options, test ideas out in the market, prepare your application materials so they wow hiring managers, and perfect your communication skills for interviewing and negotiation.


6-month Access to the Design Your Dream Career Learning Library (with high-impact trainings, templates, and tools)

Access all of our high-impact training videos inside our private portal. Includes access to more than 20+ Videos, templates, examples, dashboards and “done for you” materials on everything from job search trackers, resume and LinkedIn templates, negotiation and interview scripts, and so much more.


Weekly Group Coaching Calls with Joy

Each week, we have targeted coaching calls together. This is where we will discuss career strategy, get you unstuck, and help you overcome any limiting beliefs that are holding you back from achieving your goals!


Weekly Critiques & Feedback On Your Work

Each week, you will submit your work for feedback and critique. This is where we actually look at your work and application materials and give you feedback on everything from your career ideas, resume, networking emails, interview scripts, and negotiation answers. We make sure you have a structured feedback loop so you’re moving the needle every week.


Private Inner Circle Facebook Group

You will be invited to join our private community page, where you will meet diverse professionals of all backgrounds, industries, and ages. Everyone is reviewed and accepted into the program to cultivate knowledge-sharing and massive peer support as you clarify your career and make moves!


1:1 Welcome & Milestone Calls

You will be getting a welcome call at the start of your program and 2 milestone calls to debrief after reaching a major point in the program. This gives us time to privately discuss your goals, progress, and next steps.


Here’s a peek at your career design process...




Module 1: Get To Know Yourself (Your Core Five)
Gain clarity on the fundamental parts of yourself like your personality, strengths, core values, zone of genius, and purpose. You will learn how to leverage who you naturally are in your life, personally and professionally.
Module 2: Define Your Career Essentials
Prime your mindset and define your personalized essentials for career happiness and success. You will learn to ground into an inner voice that empowers and supports you, develop an agile approach to life that will help you navigate an uncertain economy, and build your customized criteria for evaluating career opportunities.
Module 3: Ideate Exciting Career Ideas
Enter an action-packed module of ideation. You will learn how to think outside the box (that is keeping you stuck) and start building a fresh career vision you’re excited about!
Module 4: Prototype and Evaluate Your Top Ideas
Research, explore, and evaluate your top ideas so you don’t worry about making rash decisions... only ones you’ve validated through your own or others’ first-hand experiences. You will learn about career paths, how to analyze job descriptions effectively, and practical ways to prototype your ideas. Finally, I will teach you how to build new relationships by leveraging your warm network, joining groups, and doing cold outreach.



Module 5: Map out Your Ultimate Career Strategy
Learn the proven strategies for a fulfilling career throughout your life span. Whether your goal is to land offers or do a career change, you will create a career expansion strategy to optimize your current role, strategize for other opportunities, and build career capital.

Module 6: Tell Your Story
Tell your story using powerful language. Whether you’re introducing yourself in a coffee chat, an interview, or online portfolio, your story is what makes you distinctively you. You will learn all my resume and LinkedIn optimization secrets, plus the secret to turning a boring resume into a compelling story and professional brand that gets you into doors you didn't think was possible.



Module 7: Land Your Dream Opportunities
Land opportunities by communicating powerfully in interviews and negotiations. Interviews are the best times to validate if the position and company is a strong fit for you, as well as gather important information on your success metrics, growth path, and compensation package. Being prepared for interviews will also help you position yourself strategically for negotiations, and ensure that your work wishlist can come to fruition in your next role.
Module 8: Actualize Your Dreams
Set yourself up for success after you land and accept your dream job. Maximize your first 90 days to set up a robust foundation in your new role, create career habits that help you achieve your biggest goals, and increase your visibility in your field.

What would it mean to you to feel fulfilled and confident in your career?



You can complete the course lessons from the comfort of your couch or kitchen table, as long as you have an Internet connection! The entire program is completely digital so you can access it from anywhere through our private course portal. And you'll never miss a beat: you can go at your own pace and do the lessons on your schedule.


There Has Never Been a Better Time to Start Building a Dream Career

Your life before designing your Dream Career:

You stress over your career path

You feel behind of peers who are landing their dream roles

You’re unsure how to create a meaningful work-life

You get stuck in analysis paralysis and a narrow range of options

You feel exhausted from overthinking

You scroll aimlessly on job boards and send out unanswered applications

You’re struggling to land interviews and offers

Your unhappiness is affecting your relationships, health, and finances

You daydream about quitting your job

Your life after designing your Dream Career:

You’re confident about managing your career path

 You know your values, strengths, and priorities

You feel excited about your career direction

You confidently take actions to explore and learn

You evaluate your options using real information and data from prototypes

✦ You are selective about who you listen to

You have dozens of tools/templates to optimize all aspects of your career

 You thrive in a balanced and holistic life


If you wait, you’ll be in the same place you are now. 3 months from now, you’ll wish you had started today!

Taking the step to hire Joy was the best decision I have made for my career. After our session, I gained significant traction and have had dozens of interviews, requests and even 4 offers! Because of you, I went from desperately trying to hear back from anyone, to having the luxury of actually turning down several opportunities until I found the perfect fit.”


Joy, Thank you, thank you!! I got into the program of my dreams!! I’ll be attending University of Chicago this coming Fall! I’m literally sobbing as I write this!! It feels surreal. Joy, thank you for always supporting me - and for providing me life altering experiences and insights to allocate and to pursue passion/purpose!”


“I felt so discouraged by finding a job. i had only known one field (higher education) and wanted to expand, but didn't know how. Before coaching, I had 0 callbacks. After coaching, I received an interview for 85% of the jobs I applied for. I broke through some of my own perceived limits and truly surpassed what I ever could imagine. I really understood myself better and I realized that I could choose what I want. I truly believe that what I learned was priceless. Working with Joy not only touched my life and made it better, but everyone around me!”



How Do I Know If I’m Ready to Start This Program?



 You are an ambitious professional who wants to reflect on your priorities and assets to determine your most strategic options  

 You want to be intentional about your next steps 

 You’re willing and able to take the time to figure out what that is

 You’re excited to get out of your comfort zone  

 You are eager to build new habits to land and negotiate opportunities



 You are looking for generic career advice  

 You are unwilling to learn new skills or upgrade your existing ones

 You are not open to finding creative solutions to make it possible to find meaningful and interesting work 

 You don't have anything motivating you to go after the career you want

 You are urgently looking for any job 





  • 3 Months Access to Design Your Dream Program (45+ video trainings)

  •  Access to all of our Templates, Scripts, Examples, and resources for every scenario in your dream career process. 

  • Everything you need to clarify, strategize, and actualize your dream career

  • + BONUS: Exclusive invitations to live members-only workshops and trainings





  • 3 Months Access to Design Your Dream Program (30+ video trainings)

  • Weekly Group Coaching Calls with Joy 

  • Weekly Personal Review of Your Work

  • 1:1 Welcome call to tailor your roadmap

  • One 1:1 1-hour Strategy Session with Joy
  • Access to all of our Templates, Scripts, Examples, and resources for every scenario in your dream career process. 

  • Everything you need to clarify, strategize, and actualize your dream career

  •  + BONUS: Full resume review + revision by master resume writer (if you upgrade within 3 months)

I have officially transitioned into my new career path in a completely new field thanks to Joy. After 10 years in the same industry I knew I needed a change but did not know what that change could and should be. I had an inkling as to what my future job might be but was not fully confident in that decision. Speaking with Joy and doing the various reflections helped solidify my interest and fit in this new field. Joy walked me through every step of the process from identifying my skills/interests/dreams, matching it to a specific field, and updating my resume/story to reflect my new path. I loved how everything was very cleanly and clearly laid out of what to expect, steps to take but how Joy was there to walk through and talk through it with you.”


“Joy has been truly wonderful to work with.  Beyond the valuable job coaching and mentoring she gave me, she was there for me when I was feeling hopeless about the job hunt.  Joy has sound advice and tips & tricks, but more importantly to me was that she was caring, encouraging, and inspiring.  Working with her ignited a sense of “Joy” in the job searching process rather than dread.  She made me believe in myself and the gifts I have to offer.  This shift made a huge difference for me.  I just want to say: Thank you truly for all your help, support, and coaching last year =)! I'm hoping that my new job will open doors for other future jobs.  Thank you again Joy, for being there for me and supporting me through some really rough times during my career last year.  Thank you, thank you!!!”


Over these past couple months, I've done more networking than I ever could have imagined and I'm getting more and more comfortable with it (which is something I never thought I would be!). It was great to know that you were always in my corner. Joy is very thorough. She was great about sending me all these templates and articles that I definitely needed. Joy was always there to read over my outreach emails and she always responded to my updates. I have learned so much in this experience that has completely changed the way I look at getting a new job or moving into a new career field.



Stay Stuck

You can keep trying to figure out all this career stuff on your own and piece together advice from the internet. 




Achieve your dreams

You can have a value-packed career program that leads you through every single step of a dream career framework while giving you feedback and coaching along the way? In just a few weeks, you will already have a clearer vision of what you want in your work life.


Think about where you want to be six months from now.

Do you want to be in the same place or have a strategic game plan? Do you want to feel like you're doing the same things over and over without any changes? It is time to invest in a group program that will help you move past your biggest hurdles. Let me help you design your dream career.


I’ve been helping driven professionals clarify, strategize, and actualize their dream careers since 2014.

What makes me most fulfilled is helping driven professionals unlock career happiness by getting to know themselves, building an inspiring vision, and empowering them with strategies and a focused roadmap to achieve it.

I’ve had the honor of coaching over 1,000 leaders and creators in 21 countries, including 146 cities and 34 states and leading over 80 workshops for campuses or corporations like General Assembly, Shift Beyond Work, and SS&C Advent.


Will Design Your Dream Career work for me?


If you’re ready to have a deeper understanding of what your dream career options are and have opportunities coming to YOU, then Design Your Dream Career is the online group coaching program that is going to fast-track you forward.

Your Dream Career Starts Now.

I’ll see you on the inside!


If you’re ready to have a deeper understanding of what your dream career options are and have opportunities coming to YOU, then Design Your Dream Career is the online group coaching program that is going to fast-track you forward.

Your Dream Career Starts Now.

I’ll see you on the inside!


Join our community to Design your Dream Career.

What my past clients are saying about me...



"I found my dream job! I cannot thank Joy enough for all of the amazing advice and confidence that you gave me. Thanks to Joy I was never discouraged in my career search (even when I was laid off). She gave me strategies to really think about what I wanted, reach out to companies in a unique way, and tell my story in a passionate and genuine way. I haven't stopped recommending the career coaching program to everyone. She truly helped me to change my life. I would never have been able to do this without Joy. Seriously thank you so much!!”



Magic happened and I GOT A JOB. Not just a job, THE job. I got exactly what I want. Joy invested a lot of time to help me and I believe a big reason why I am here today goes back to our work together. Thank you!!”



I recently accepted an offer of employment on Wednesday, and I attribute it directly to Joy’s class at General Assembly. Not only did her tips for LinkedIn and resumes help me tremendously, but the visualization exercise was the real motivator for me. With it, she encouraged me to see myself doing something I really loved and cared about. After her class I began networking with people in the industry, going to meetups, and learning about related careers as a PhD chemist. After a month of interviews, waiting, and negotiations, I can happily say that I accepted a job at the nation's first and largest cannabis testing laboratory. Joy has made a positive difference in my life.”



Working with Joy gave me a "north star" to my life. It helped me understand not only what I want to do with my life from a career perspective, but also what I truly care about and what is important to me. Joy was always there to encourage me to look beyond just the surface answers and understand what I truly wanted in order to build a life I love. Joy is really empathetic and understanding and offers spot-on insights. She has a proven approach that she personalizes to her clients. Working with her gave me a toolkit that I can refer to in the future - ranging from tools to evaluate what is really important to me, the lifestyle I want to live, and also tactically how to apply for jobs. I actually have already recommended Joy to a few people!”



Joy has a unique ability to ignite a person’s left and right brain; bringing them into optimal harmony in her workshops. She is a master in blending the art and science of career coaching and personal transformation. Lifelong learning is a passion of mine, and Joy is a phenomenal teacher. Her facilitation style is laid back yet deliberate. She has a methodology to her classes and is a master in experiential learning. I learned the intricacies and nuances to gain clarity in my career path. Without a doubt, if you are the least bit curious to learn and gain insights into your own career and personal transformation, take her class. You will be delighted!”



"I was unclear of my career path and which way to go about it. I felt stuck and didn't exactly know what step to take next. The group coaching experience was supportive and good to network with people going through similar thoughts and experiences. If your career path looks confusing and can't seem to find the answers, Joy is the one who helps you guide and organizes the path you want to take. She brings so much positive energy and is always there to support you 100%."



This program is ideal for those who are unsure of immediate next steps in your career, or where to steer your career path toward. Also good for if you are beginning your job search. Best if you currently have a job you are unsatisfied with. I felt like I wasn't getting anywhere on my own so I sought support. It was the necessary next step. Joy is extraordinarily knowledgeable and resourceful, and she is always on top of it. She is also a great listener and cares deeply about helping her clients / students. I can’t say enough good things about her and her coaching abilities.”



The most powerful thing I got from coaching is the structure for approaching job searching - writing a cover letter, doing outreach, preparing for the interviews. Once I had the structure, it became much simpler. Plus, although very uncomfortable, the interview prep was very helpful. Joy has a very gentle, loving, thoughtful, diligent approach. You can see that she is rooting for you, and truly wants you to succeed. She puts her 100% into every session, and all the work she does in-between sessions. You can clearly see that she has very deep knowledge of the topic, she can guide you yet she helps you discover your own answers for yourself.”



"When I was searching for a career coach, I wanted to find a woman of color who was pragmatic but understood passion/purpose deeply. I found Joy!



Working with you changed everything for me. With your support, I was finally able to let go of the job I was in (and all of the negative emotions with that) and look forward to a new, bright future. I also now make important life decisions based on my intuition, which I think you helped influence too. Your coaching was a great reminder of lessons I've learned as well as lessons that I was learning. I also maintained a very open mentality in working with you, which helped influence me taking the new job in a brand new city (which I wasn't planning for at all!). I'm now at a job I love that is taking me to the next level in my career.”


 “When I approached Joy, I was at a place in my career where two conflicting emotions were driving my actions - the negative impact of burnout and the optimism and excitement of a career change I had been wanting to make for the last couple of years. In working with her, I was able to channel both into a journey of self-discovery and progress to transitioning to the career I wanted, during the pandemic no less! Joy is thoughtful, respectful and recognizes what is required to help her clients achieve their career objective(s). She supports her clients in a way that is authentic to them and therefore brings out the best in them. Joy is an amazing coach - you won’t regret working with her!”



“Prior to coaching, I was unsure of my next steps. I didn't know how to talk about my job, highlight my accomplishments, or feel proud of my work. You allowed me to remain true to myself from the beginning! You gave me a safe space to take my time with exploring my thoughts and also set expectations to help progress and move forward. My biggest takeaways: 1) the power of LinkedIn 2) the power of reaching out to people for help and/or 10-15min chats 3) learning to move on when things don't work out! (She accepted an offer at a startup shortly after finishing our program!)



“I felt lost and didn't want to continue down the wrong career path that I was on. The zone of genius truly helped focus on my strengths. I felt overjoyed after our calls because I felt understood. I walked away knowing myself better than I did before I signed up for coaching. It seems that other coaches tell you what you want to hear and rely on your resume to help guide you. They don't think outside the box like you did and don't provide options that you had never explored before. I would confidently recommend you to others! I always appreciated the steps as well as the follow up.”



“Prior to working with Joy, I felt that my resume was not getting noticed the way I anticipated. I had a LinkedIn profile and I had a very lengthy resume as many years' of experience piled up. Coaching provided another perspective and additional resources to prepare for any job search and interview. Interview preparation at the last moment turned out to be a game changer! YES. Even if you think you can apply for a job and succeed yourself, you would be surprised that there are resources and assistance out there. A session of consultation with joy is very valuable.”



“Joy was so great to work with. At a low point in my life, she was able to be there for me as a guide, to walk me through a transition phase, providing me with tools and knowledge about myself that I wouldn't have otherwise known. Joy provided me with the skills to evaluate not only my previous experiences, but also explore what I really want out of life. I would recommend Joy to anyone who is seeking understanding about themselves, and what they want in their life.”



I recently took a class with Joy through General Assembly on "Design Your Dream Career Class" and it was amazing! I was at a stand still in my career and I needed something to revive my resume and my spirits. The class was very helpful in recognizing my strengths (and weaknesses) and how I could move forward productively in my job search.  In the end I was able to land a job completely outside of my industry with a company and position I could get behind 100%. This course gave me the confidence I needed to accept this role and know I can do it! Overall, I think that if you need that extra boost in your job search this will be money well spent. Just go for it.



Working with Joy has given me structure of what next steps to take to pursue a new career. She’s helped me to see things in baby steps when I get intimated by the big picture. Towards the end of leaving my job, working with Joy gave me confidence to follow my passion. She helped me to stay focused and provided a lot of guidance to stay on the right path. The structure of our meetings has been efficient and effective. She’s able to recognize the issues that I have, provide solutions for them, and set new goals.



"Joy Lin is one of the best career coaches I have ever met. Almost immediately after joining our Muse Coach Connect platform, she became one of our top rated coaches with customers lining up for a spot on her waitlist and signing up for follow-on sessions. Not only have I been impressed with Joy's ability to connect quickly and deeply with individuals and help them advance their career goals, but I've also thoroughly enjoyed collaborating with her myself on various PR, marketing and editorial initiatives. If you have the opportunity to work with Joy, I highly recommend it!"