Unlocking Career Clarity Mini-Course:

Know yourself and ignite aligned career ideas

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In this 5-Video Mini-Course, you’ll learn:

  • My top 3 clarity coaching exercises and step-by-step instructions
  • Foundational concepts about career clarity that will help you get unstuck
  • A Clarity Toolkit with:
    • 3 Clarity Worksheets
    • Informational Chat Cheat Sheet
    • Career Exploration Tracker
  • 7 practical ways to explore career options

What It Looks Like:

Video 1: Introduction to Clarity (6:30)
Video 2: Exercise #1 - Your Core Values (2:42)
Video 3: Exercise #2 - Wheel of Work (5:02)

Video 4: Exercise #3 - Building Your Evaluation Criteria (8:53)

Video 5: 7 Practical Ways to Explore Career Ideas (11:57)

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Meet Joy

Hi, it’s Joy. It’s lovely to meet you!
What makes me most fulfilled is helping driven professionals unlock career happiness by getting to know themselves, building an inspiring vision, and empowering them with strategies and a focused roadmap to achieve it.

Career design is an art and a science. To design my programs, I integrate a range of resources and research and continuously upgrade my programs with new knowledge or frameworks. Quarter Life Joy currently focuses on signature programs on Career Clarity and Career Strategy.

I have coached over 1,000 leaders and creators in 21 countries, including 146 cities and 34 states and led over 80 workshops for campuses or corporations like General Assembly, Shift Beyond Work, and SS&C Advent.

Join the Free Mini-Course!